Project Delivery

"No project is the same & no delivery is the same”

Innovatus Projects treats each project individually because they are.

When clients approach Innovatus Projects to look at a project we look at the best delivery method for their needs .

  • Fixed pricing 
  • Construction Management 
  • Design & Construction 
  • ECI- Early Contractor Involvement
  • Value Engineering 

We understand the sensitivity of working within our clients' space to deliver a quality project each time without disturbing their operations.

Innovatus Projects has delivered time over time in 

  • Live working Office Environments

  • Education spaces

  • Shopping Centres

  • Unoccupied sites 


Innovatus Management systems

Our management systems are in accordance with AS-NZ ISO9001.

Each project has its own management plan that outlines our company's values & policies and what we set to achieve on each project. Our management plan also encompasses our Safety and Quality Management.

Innovatus Quality Management

Our process is aimed at delivering a quality product each time. We have established a quality inspection check for each trade that needs to be signed off by our project team and a final sign off by our client during the project. This isn’t just a standard Inspection Test Plan (ITP), this is a Quality Test Plan that pays attention to the finer details and doesn't just ask a simple, does it meet the Australian Standards/Manufacturer's specifications.

As part of our process we trust our projects are built so well, we offer eighteen (18) months Defect Liability Period, That’s an extra six months more than anyone else in the industry!

A clean site is a safe site, a clean site is a quality project.

Our sites are cleaned daily during the project, by doing this we have safe and comfortable sites for staff and clients.